Beginnings of March

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New day

on January 31, 2013

Some days are definitely better than others. today would be one of my better days. I woke up  feeling much lighter. Yesterday I was a bit on the darkside.. But everyone
( well at least everyone I know) has those days when you just aren’t really feeling like yourself, but be patient you will come back and step once again into the light (just like Carolanne, except she was possessed).
Anyway, last night I made veggie spaghetti with some ground turkey. Every one loved it even my youngest daughter who dislikes vegetables. (ok hates is more
like it but I really think that word is so heavy). How can two sisters be so diffrent, yet so alike. That’s another posting. I guess I just fell into a coma last night after dinner. Taking with me all my baggage from the day. And like I said I woke much better. Yay for me and for those around me. I wonder does this happen to you?????


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