Beginnings of March

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on May 7, 2013


I never thought I wanted to be a mom. I pictured my life full of adventure and mystery. But life wasn’t as dependable as I thought. It made me a mother of two beautiful girls and a handsome brave boy. My life now is full of adventure and mystery but it all revolves around three of the most important people in my life. I sit and think often, (more than I should) about the past when they were small and they needed me so. Now their independence shines and blinds at times. And I share the stories of when they were smaller and the trials I went through with them. They seem to enjoy these stories. But these stories I carry them with me at all times. They are like windows in my mind and I can always open any of them and remember a different place and time. At times I see an exhausted, frustrated woman with hope in her eyes that times will get better. Other times I see a blissful woman thanking god over and over for her blessings. But what I always see is love, patience and an awareness of knowing that this will not last forever and it will not. But I’ll always have my windows to open, feel breeze and remember.


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