Beginnings of March

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That Monday Feeling

on May 15, 2013

Wow are you talking about me?

Caliburnus Rises

She woke up thinking oh no, here we go again
the start of the week and more stress to vent
Back to work after two days off at rest and play
now that Monday morning feeling, hopes it’s a good day

She walks to the bus stop for the hour journey in
sometimes she thinks about jumping off somewhere she’s never been
Or just to keep on walking, maybe to the train station
see where it takes her in his home nation

It’s all the same, day in and day out
nothing with any interest or clout
Life for her has indeed become dull
what else could she do, does she chew over and mull

The world is a big place, she but a speck of dust
so what, she asks again, can she do to stop the rust?
She spends her day daydreaming of change and adventure
where she’s…

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