Beginnings of March

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The sun is warm, the sky blue as a vibrant turquoise, birds are chirping and everything in the world is right. My parents voices I can hear in the background, The creaking sound of my grandparents rocking chairs reassuring me they were there, and I am lying on the floor in my pj’s watching Saturday morning cartoons. Not a care in the world, no worries about the inevitable. No feeling of sinking and watching the world from the depth of the sea yet. As I lay on the ocean floor watching the fish swim by while they are unaware that I am there continuously wondering why…… I often close my eyes and transport myself to those Saturday mornings when everything in the world was right. when fear was left for the dark and despair for fairy tales. I simply remember the blue the warmth and you. 


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After death

Why is it that some days I wake up with such heavy vivid memories of them. Even though it’s been years it still hurts. It cuts right thru and transports me right back to those days when I immediately Knew how much they meant, how solid and precious their presence was, and how much I would miss them. With every ounce of my being with every breath……I miss them, and today I’m remembering.



Let it play

She has inspired me. Let her voice play on, let her smooth tone wrap me up in its exquisite sound. Listen closely how she rides the wave of a lyric and makes it reach the highest peaks. Notice how she closes her eyes and feels every note with her heart and every beat with her soul. Let her music play, let it play forever.

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Fleeting moments

A day filled with excitement, anxiety, promises, and perhaps some disappointment. I try to capture these days like fireflies in a jar. They are so precious and though there are many of these moments, they are fleeting and so bitter sweet. I known that someday all these jars will be opened and all my beautiful fireflies will paint the picture of my life and I just hope someone will be there to see them all fly away.


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To float is the closest I’ll ever get to flying. Feeling free, feeling completely weightless. I took a peek at the sky and it was smiling at me,winking, stinging my face with the suns rays. I could just float forever….. Life can feel heavy, crowded, hard to breath and at times an eternal war. But here in the water no worries just weightless…..finally peace.


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Have you been waiting long?

So write I say, just write. What ever it is jot it down on paper. Your anger, desperation, deprivation, your hopes and dreams just write. It will come, it always does and it feels good. Even if only for yourself to read. let it stop floating in your mind and set it down let it rest on paper. And for that moment you can breath. That second you can say I did it, I wrote it.


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