Beginnings of March

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Just drive

Let’s get away. Let’s run from our obligations let’s drive with no destination. To see the sun rise and sun set would be an adventure
To hold hands and walk together would be a preservation of a precious jewel having no deterioration.


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Drifting slowly gently feeling the rhythm of the waves beneath me.
I don’t want to be saved I prefer to craved by you.
I will sit on this canoe and wonder how long before they realize I’m a drift unseen in a mist.
Hoping the tide will take me to a destination unknown to the gloom and desperation of my current situation.


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Spun Around

I’m with him again, haven’t seen him in years he’s still just like I remember
Wrinkly, quite, kind, a bit hunched over.

And I’m 12 again running to him welcoming him, he just smiles and nods.

I can see the backyard the grass is greener than I remember the trees are filled with leaves and it’s warm, about 3pm.

He’s ice cold and blue I can see life has left him I check his pulse there’s none.

My mother siting in a dark room watching television all alone and sad.

There she is my best friend she’s twelve waiting for me on the sidewalk smiling. Can’t wait to spend time with her.

Woke up crying…………..


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My Boy

Simple achievements give me so much joy.
How would I have known this without my boy?
When will it start? How will I know? He asks, not even yet awake
His excitement rejoices me.
His passion envelopes me.
His love condemns me
to a life of slavery.
I never thought I’d find a boy that strung my string so sweet, and now you’re here.

Without you…..misery


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I’m two years old again pouting to oblivion, why me?
It’s not fair! I’m angry,I’m cheated.
Was it because for your happiness because it wasn’t for mine.
Eventually I will be left for the blow. You never thought of me that was clear because when the time comes you will disappear.
And I will be left behind with only my fears.
They say I’ll have my memories but who says I want that!
I want you here with me, but there’s no turning back.
So I’ll sit here patiently, for when the time is near.
I warned you all insanity is what is left my dear.


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As he tells me his story I feel as if I were there. As if I were him.
The agony, the struggle, the amount of perseverance is unmatched to any. I’ve shed many tears for him….for them.
To tell their tale would be a tribute of some kind, I feel their story must be told.
If only for my self to read over and over. To remind me of the kind of people I am bound to, the kind that are brave, and strong.
Their journey to strive for fairness, peace, and simply choice is so painful, powerful and beautiful.
I must try.


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Clouds cover you

How did we get here…. I’m lookin at you from a far.
I remember holding your hand , watching you laugh and oh how you used to love being with me….
Now the clouds have covered the sun the shadows is where we are together.
At times I feel your selfish but am I just looking at myself reflection?
Have I led you bind the trees to walk away from me? My tears are abundant for you and my heart hopes to mend.
I keeping waiting for the clouds to pass, so I can relish in the in your warm intent.


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Fish for me

Save me, take my hand and pull me with all your strength
let me breathe again that long gasp of air that brings life back into me.
Save me from myself for when I’m down and I just don’t care to get up. Remind me, remind me of the beauty that I can’t see, remind me of the people that need me.
shake me if you must for I’m asleep and in this bed of sorrow I feel tranquility.
But you always reel me back, Even if just for a few days.
I’m awake again and I can see ,I can feel and I can be again.
Just save me.



An Abyss

I go on walking with no destination with no purpose, empty, hollow. I feel lost at times filled with sorrow and although I do see the beauty ,the laughter, the love around me I have not dove in yet, to cold perhaps, to deep. so I sit on the edge and dangle my feet .Watching, smiling, hoping for the day I’ll stop pretending. For the day I’ll breath again and fresh air is what I’ve missed and I’ll be out of this abyss.


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