Beginnings of March

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In limbo

Ever wanted to start over?

No worries
No stories
No glories or pain

A New start just waiting …..

I’ll wake up to a new name
I won’t drink my coffee or have my toast
I’ll walk on the sand for and hour or so
Then I’ll lay under a palm tree and count the clouds that I see.
I’ll close my eyes and hear the surf
I’ll breath the air and feel the sand beneath my toes. I’ll smile for once without a heavy heart, I’ll fly through the day without a care to my name.
And on a hammock I’ll lay and fall asleep with the stars so close to me.

I wake up……. I’m still me

Waiting for that new day


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A Thought

All the mistakes

All the wrong turns

All my achievements, and failures were not  just for me to sit and sulk.

It all meant more, it all is suppose to happen, my life has not been easy for one reason

and the reason is you!

You are suppose to walk the trail I left behind. You are suppose to climb those mountains that were out of my reach.

And I am here simply to do one thing for you and that is…………..teach.


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Smile and wave boys…… Smile and wave

Sometimes a farewells can be bitter sweet. You are tangled with feelings of anger, fear, sorrow and with an unexpected loss. But you do see the glimmer of light, the breath of hope, the warmth of a new day! Farewells are painful but at times very much needed.




Joy, inspiration everywhere, hope and love. No sadness, rejoicing in blessings their faces lit up with crazy anticipation. Bows sparkling, music notes floating in my head like a flock of birds passing over me. Lights bright and pure belief in the Indescribable some would say magic.

January 1st, 2015

So that was christmas………today is New Year’s Day. Happy new year! New whole year to have expectations that are some times untamable or completely tangible, make your choice.


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