Beginnings of March

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So much on my mind, so many tasks but none the ones I want to do.

My heart filled with dreams and schemes of ideas not yet fulfilled.

I’m suspended.

A time that ended a light has dimmed and all seems grim.

No romance no joy no friendship just hardship not even a semblance of what I use to be.

my writing is my field to run and scream and cry and sing!

Am I out there?

wondering in the blue lost without a clue, can I tell you my tale without a judge or feel a grudge bound to my words

can you pull me by my hand and lead me to a land where I can breath again, where I will feel again, where I’ll be me again.

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  The water crystal clear the rays  will sting with memory of your kiss. And I have proof that tells the tale for our past is written in my scales, 

But really what I miss is looking up admiring your vast embrace in a blue so true you’ve captured heaven in your hue.  

And when we say goodbye I’ll be the one that cries but I’ll remember the salt in the breeze, the way your waves just seem seem to say will meet again some day. 

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