Beginnings of March

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W for worthy

O for not always optimistic

R for radical if need be

D for desperately soulfull

S for simply unique

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Spill over 

  When it comes it comes and you can’t stop it or try. You let it run, you let it fall from where its origin resides. 

Let it flow through the mind and extend to the tips let it drip  drop by drop to the page it will sit.

 Fluid words like liquid they spill what a thrill is to see their beautiful creation from the pool of imagination. 

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A constant fluid motion of lives,just continually moves and hides the exhaustion in our eyes.  Forever? is questioned not mentioned in the swift way the tape embarrassed and holds in place with such fluid grace. My heart is in that box thumping hard knowing that where you are you’ll peel the tape and and have a place. For us. 

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