Beginnings of March

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A Tale to Tell


One of my favorite things to do is read. I say this but attached to it is so much more.

You brought happiness and tears, you’ve made me angry, and make a double take of fear. Without you my life would not be the same. I think about a milllion sceens Ive seen which remind me of someplace.

Sharing is also a gift to be able to bring to others the feelings I will miss. With every turn of you I meet another fate I’ll try to contain my emotions of anger, love, or hate. But words are complied in an order to abtain a story for me to devour and taste.

To pick a time of day and decide to shut out the world and to enter in another of my choice to explore.

What luck it is to be me and read till the howling of the owls and the moons shines and the sun rises and surprises to find me still engrossed in what I love the most a good tale to keep and stories to share with the ones I care to tell the tale.

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