Beginnings of March

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Held down…..deppressed

Here I go it’s been a while and I’m just typing, just typing. What do I see now….. a yellow house, smiles, and tears, joys and fears all mixed into one. How have you been? Feeling any better are you still in that hole or have you crawled out? What took you so long and remember don’t stand to close to the edge you might fall back in. Hi, yes I’m better. I crawled from the hole digging through the mud filled with muck. When I was out I took a deep breath and looked around. Nothing had changed. No one noticed I was gone, life just kept going, but I’m back. I’m back on the drivers seat. I have return to join the race, to lead the pack. To make appointments, and meals. To wash and dry and be there as they fly away. Directing  them towards the right path and being here is the main reason I crawled out, to be present. I don’t  want to miss anything, everyday rushes by but here I am standing, breathing. still with mud under my fingernails.

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